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Celebrity Hair Extensions
Naomi Campbell
The Secret to Every Hollywood and Instagram Star’s Perfect Hair
Naomi Campbell Lands a NARS Beauty Campaign at 48
Hair extensions are a great hair accessory
Hair extensions are a great hair accessory. They allow you to try a new ‘do with little commitment. You can go from long to short or short to long and back again. You can experiment with colors or textures different from your own. Or you can use them to add volume to beef up a skimpy mane.
Some women wear extensions as a protective style while transitioning from chemically processed hair to their natural hair texture, so as not to compromise their healthy hair goals in the process. “The trend of wearing curly/textured extensions really ties into the overall natural hair movement and the desire by women to have options that fit within, rather than disrupt, their personal style choices,” says Ngozi Opara, certified hair manufacturer and founder of Heat Free Hair.
Others, such as celebrities, models and entertainers may wear extensions as a protective means to shield their hair from the daily stresses that it endures on a film set, photo studio or stage. Whatever your reasons for wearing extensions, choosing the right type for your needs and maintaining them properly is key.
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Gabrielle Union
The Secret to Every Hollywood and Instagram Star’s Perfect Hair
The Secret to Every Hollywood and Instagram Star’s Perfect Hair
Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin
 “It’s 2017. If you’re not born with the hair you want, buy it.” With those words in mind, I decided to shed my expectations and give 2018’s extensions a try.
I have struggled with volume and length since my early 20s and have tried just about every hair-growth supplement under the sun—with no success. So if this is what the celebrity, supermodel, and Instagram starlets are doing to get their luscious locks, why not give it a shot?
Enter Amanda Scott at Serge Normant at John Frieda's New York salon.
When I arrived for my consultation at the salon, which counts Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, and Blake Lively among its clientele, one of the first things Amanda asked me as she assessed my hair, was: “How committed are you to this? What are your goals?”
extensions are indeed a commitment
Amanda explained to me that extensions are indeed a commitment. (We’re not talking about the kind you can buy in a drug store.) For anyone who is going to get extensions or already has them, it should be a red flag if your specialist does not do a consultation in which they lay out your options in terms of types of extensions and the care they will require, as well as the details of the pricing. (Be warned: They can cost thousands of dollars).
financial investment
“I think a lot of women dive into the world of extensions without fully thinking about the financial investment required and the amount of maintenance that will be needed,” says Scott. “Also, people should be careful about who they choose to work with. A thorough consultation with a stylist will help determine if that person is right for you. Hair extensions have a bad reputation as damaging, and that can be true if you work with the wrong person.”
Amanda, who does two types of extensions: Klix, Easihair Pro
I’m not the type of girl who goes for blowouts every other day or even every week. (Who has that kind of time?) My typical hair routine involves shampoo, conditioner, a spritz of sea salt spray, and perhaps a flirtation with a curling iron, so I decided I wanted the hair that required the smallest time commitment on my end and could last for about six months. (You can get them taken out whenever you want, but it’s good to know when deciding what kind you get to know whether you want to have extensions for a year or more, or just a few months). Amanda, who does two types of extensions—Klix, which can last up to six months with consecutive wear, and Easihair Pro, which can last up to a year with good care—patiently listened to my long list of silly questions and wisely suggested that I go with Klix.
Klix, made of 100 percent virgin Remy human hair
At my next appointment, I had the long hair I had always wanted—and had not had since I was probably a teenager—in about an hour. Klix, made of 100 percent virgin Remy human hair, comes in all different shades and Amanda had expertly picked out a blonde that mixed in well with my array of highlights. (Giancarlo Carollo, a hair-color genius at Serge Normant at John Frieda, also worked his magic to blend my colors so it was a perfect combination of ashy and gold tones to make it all look natural.) The hair comes in pieces that are placed discreetly near the scalp and attached to strands of your natural hair with no tape or glue required, meaning they are supposed to be non-damaging.
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Cara Delevingne
Extension 411: The Secret to Every Hollywood and Instagram Star’s Perfect Hairs
Celebrity Hair Extensions
Not all hair extensions are created equal
“Not all hair extensions are created equal,” says Scott. “Individual extensions (like Great Lengths, for example) will most certainly cause damage to the hair. With any type of application like that, as the extension grows out, it can twist and cause breakage because it doesn’t lie flat and isn’t wide enough to prevent rotating. Some names for that kind of application are beads, cold fusion, microfusion, microtips, glue tips, bonds, and strand-by-strand.”
I’ll admit, when Amanda was first putting the extensions in, I was slightly terrified only because the hair comes really long (like Cher-hair long). But after she trimmed my hair and Giancarlo colored it, I was feeling confident in my once-mousy-and-unremarkable-turned-Hollywood-ready hair.
Before I left, Amanda made sure to give me the full run-through on maintenance. “Try to wash your hair in the morning and let it air dry if you can. If you can’t do that, try not to brush it too much when it’s wet; blow dry it first and then comb it out with a Wet Brush just like you would with your normal hair,” she said. (Hair is most elastic when it’s wet, making it more prone to stretching and breaking.) If you don’t have a Wet Brush, she suggests a paddle brush. Avoid a boar brush.` and whatever you do, don’t use a T3 or a Dyson blow dryer, as they produce too much heat, according to Scott.
It took some time to adjust to my hair and the care it required. It soon became clear what Amanda meant about commitment.
For starters, blow drying my hair took twice as long as I was used to. I carefully braided my hair each night to protect the hair from tangling or breaking while I slept. I diligently took my 10,000 micrograms of biotin each day to help my own hair, used Snob Girls Body Dense bio-serum conditioning capsules (as Amanda says, extension hair loves leave-in conditioner), and used John Frieda Miraculous Recovery conditioning products regularly. Every four weeks or so, I visited Amanda to have the extensions tightened and adjusted. The process was usually quick and painless and I was out of the salon in about an hour or less. A few times, my hair got knotted around the extensions, but even that was a surprisingly easy fix.
financial investment
Gorgeous locks are not only a commitment but also a financial investment. The Klix hair itself costs anywhere from $750 (half pack) to $1,400 (full pack; price includes the hair, initial installation, and a haircut). Depending on how well you take care of it, it can last up to six months (mine did) until it needs to be replaced with a new set of Klix. Plus, the maintenance every four to six weeks costs $200 to $300 each time. If you go with Easihair Pro Tape-in Extensions, which last up to a year, installation ranges from $300 to $700 (price determined by hair length and the amount of hair). Maintenance for those, which is every eight to 10 weeks, costs anywhere from $300 to $700 each time.
Once I got the hang of washing and brushing my hair extensions, (and started allotting the extra time to actually style it), I nearly forgot the hair extensions were there. At least in the sense that they weren’t much more of a struggle than my normal hair. Roughly six months later, it was time to either take them out or put new ones in. I couldn’t bear to part ways with my new long-hair look, so Amanda put in a new set of Klix. As she took out the old set and put in the new set, I was scared to look at the condition of my own hair.
From day one, Amanda was committed to my bigger hair goals, beyond just the instant fix of hair extensions. I had followed her instructions to help with the growth of my own hair and taken better care of my hair than ever before. All of that effort paid off.
"Look how long your hair is! It’s growing and healthy," Amanda reported.
As she put the new set of hair extensions in, I felt excited about my hair journey ahead. Vain as it may sound, it’s a pretty empowering thing to feel confident in your hair.
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Volume Up: How To Get Thicker Hair
Volume Up: How To Get Thicker Hair
Do you have thin, lacklustre hair but dream of thick, glossy hair? From what to eat to the best products, cuts and colour, Vogue’s no-nonsense guide shows you how.
Aside from genetics, what causes thin hair?
Over-styling and over-colouring your hair
Heat-based styling products and bleach-laden colouring agents can strip your hair of all its strengthening fibres, leaving it weak. If you can bear to, take a break from colouring your hair and step away from the styling products. Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to give your hair a thorough cleanse, too, and overnight masks and oils will help to nourish the hair.
Hormonal changes
Changes in health can have a direct impact on the thickness of your hair. Fluctuations in hormones - particularly an imbalanced thyroid - can not only impact skin and weight, but also hair. Many women experience a change in their hair consistency during pregnancy. If there has a been a really dramatic change in hair thickness in a short space of time, it’s worth seeking medical advice.
Stress and trauma can have a direct impact on hair growth. The term for shock-related hair loss is telogen effluvium - a physical response to the impact of stress on the body and mind. It isn’t usually long-term, but it can take up to six months to cure. The best way to counter this? Self-care. Plenty of sleep and a diet rich in B vitamins and packed with wholegrains, protein and dark, leafy greens will help to slow down the rate of hair loss.
How can you thicken hair with products?
Formulas in thickening shampoos are now very effective, and there are plenty to choose from. The best solutions offer nourishing treatment for the hair, while lifting excess oil and product from hair shafts to stop it from getting weighed down. Vogue recommends the Aveda Invati range and Nanogen Thickening Treatment Shampoo for Women.
Opt for a ceramic-barrel brush when blow-drying. And choose an ionic dryer that will blow out negative ions, leaving the hair smoothed and de-frizzed.
Introduce a root-lifter to your hair-styling regime. This will lift the hair further and give it a nicer fall across the face.
How can you make your hair thicker through your diet?
Look for a great hair-stimulating multivitamin. This should be packed with keratin, the amino-acid L-lysine, soya protein, iron and vitamins B12 and D3. All of these help to contribute to your hair’s thickness.
Food types
Keep to a simple, nourishing diet full of lean proteins, leafy greens, and carrots for vitamin A.
How can you cut your hair to make it look thicker?
Don’t let hair get too long - a blunt, relatively short cut will immediately give your hair the appearance of volume and thickness. Try a sweeping fringe to disguise any thinning. And be smart about colour. Avoid anything too one-dimensional - multiple tones in highlights or lowlights will give the hair depth and avoid it looking too thin.
Trichologist Anabel Kingsley says, “thickening, strengthening protein sprays can also be helpful. They immediately add volume to the hair, giving an instant boost. They also strengthen the hair over time, which helps to reduce hair fall as the result of breakage. While breakage is not true loss from the follicle, it can thin the appearance of the mid-lengths and ends.”
Percy & Reed founder and hair stylist Adam Reed adds, “Try not to rough dry the hair as this can take the life out of it before you have even started - towel-dry hair as best as possible and then dry the hair from damp to dry.
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Grace Elizabeth's High Ponytail Versace Supersized Hair
Grace Elizabeth: Guido Palau's Super-Sized Hair Returns For Versace
Grace Elizabeth's High Ponytail Versace Supersized Hair
At Versace’s pre-autumn/winter 2019 show in New York on Sunday, hair was mostly sleek and straight with neat, gelled side partings or swept back from models' faces in braids or up-dos. Business as usual. That was until model Grace Elizabeth stepped out onto the catwalk. Atop her head was a high ponytail that could only be described as gravity-defying - packed with so many extensions that it towered a good many inches above her own natural hairline and cascaded almost to her waist.
It isn’t the first time this year we’ve seen hair so big it dwarfs the model wearing it: look too to Valentino’s autumn/winter 2019 couture show, at which Kaia Gerber, Fran Summers and co wore hair so bouncy and voluminous it appeared almost like plush pillows surrounding their heads. The man behind both maximalist looks? Vogue contributing beauty editor and Redken creative consultant Guido Palau, of course.
“When we did the hair at Valentino there was so much interest - there must be something in that that people are ready to see for it to cause such an uptick,” Palau told us. “There’s an escapism to it… I’m not saying that everyone’s going to go back to blowing out their hair every minute and that becoming the trend, but women can have those choices. We’re really happy there’s this idea of naturalness in beauty and you can celebrate your own hair texture and you really don’t need to feel ‘groomed’ all the time any more. But then when suddenly you see this overly-groomed hair which is huge… it does have an impact.”
At Versace, the ponytail version of this super-sized hair also nodded to the scraped-back ponytails sported by the likes of Kim Kardashian-West, Ariana Grande et al, in a more exaggerated form. It’s still Versace, but scaled up.
But the clever secret behind its size? As Grace Elizabeth revealed on her Instagram Stories, sporting enormous rollers and more hair extensions than we’ve ever seen in one place: “I’ve got a little neck pillow to hold up all my hair.” Now that’s luxury.
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How Jessica Biel Got Her Awesome geisha inspired updo Oscar Hair
Jessica Biel's Oscar Hair by Adir Abergel
Jessica Biel's Oscar Hair by Adir Abergel
From Jessica Biel‘s glistening gold KaufmanFranco dress to her extravagant Tiffany & Co. necklace at Sunday night’s Oscars, she nearly looked like an actual Oscar. But once you saw past all that sparkle aside, you couldn’t help but swoon over her chic, simple updo — and her hairstylist, Adir Abergel, is spilling the details.
Hair is not only a medium to create art but a lesson in history,” he tells PeopleStyle of the inspiration behind the look, which took him an hour and a half to create. “From looking at hieroglyphics of an Egyptian goddess to studying the photos of traditional geisha shimadas, I knew I could utilize these various elements in a modern way for Jessica’s look.”
To achieve a style simple-yet-elegant enough to play off of Biel’s over-the-top ensemble, Abergel says, “I did a lot of research and I looked at a lot of cultural references such as geisha ceremonial hair and how they compliment such elaborate clothes. I wanted to balance out the statement dress by creating such a polished and modern hairstyle.”
And of course, Abergel consulted with Biel and her makeup artist in order to create a look they all loved.
“Jessica and I are very collaborative in the hair process,” he says. “She is always open to hearing what I’ve originally come up with, I hear her out, and then we just end up building out both of our ideas and creating magic. Kara [Yoshimoto Bua, Biel’s makeup artist], Jessica and I have known each other for over 10 years. We’re like a big family, always laughing. We sit down before getting ready to go over what we’re all thinking before we get started.”
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Watch Zendaya Explain the Ins and Outs of Extensions, Weaves, Wigs
Watch Zendaya Explain the Ins and Outs of Extensions, Weaves and Wigs
Hair Extensions Short-Term Options
Clip-on Extensions
Hairpieces with tiny combs or clips that attach to the base of your hair. These last until you take them off at the end of the day. Clip-on bangs, ponytails or highlights are some popular fun options to try.
Temporary Glue-on Bonded Extensions
Hair wefts are glued to the scalp using liquid glue and removed with an oil-based solvent. These can last up to a week. It’s best to have a hairstylist remove the glue-in hair, but if you must do so yourself, use a scalp oil or silicone spray to gently remove the extensions. Saturate your scalp and bonded wefts thoroughly with the oils or spray so the glue completely softens, then gently slide off the wefts. Use a generously oiled, fine tooth comb to remove any remaining glue residue from your hair and scalp.
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The Truth About Where Hair Extensions Come From
The Truth About Where Hair Extensions Come From
Lexy Lebsack, takes us into the underground world of human hair trafficking. Wigs and extensions are often made of real human hair, but have you ever questioned how that hair was sourced? Learn where hair really comes from.
Naomi Campbell Lands a NARS Beauty Campaign at 48
Naomi Campbell Lands a NARS Beauty Campaign at 48
Naomi Campbell Lands a NARS Beauty Campaign at 48
Naomi Campbell has been a household name for the past three decades, but it has somehow taken this long for the supermodel to land her first beauty campaign. In what should be taken as a positive change of the times, Campbell is now the front woman of NARS' 2019 ads. Her presence is notable, not just because of the fact that she is long overdue for starring in a beauty campaign, but also because of the products she's representing: the Radiance Repowered range, which includes more inclusive foundation shades and a new Skin Deep Eye Palette, as well as the Super Radiant Booster.
Campbell shared the news on her Instagram page, along with the first shot from the campaign, which is of course flawless. "Very excited to be the new face of NARS Cosmetics," she wrote, adding that the campaign was "shot by my dear friend François Nars." Campbell's relationship with Nars dates way back, as she commented on in a statement about the collaboration. “François and I are like family and the same goes for Nars. I am honoured to be a part of such an incredible brand for so long,” she said, per British Vogue.
Nars also spoke about their long history in his own statement, saying, “Naomi is a living icon and brings such strong personality to the camera. She and I are like family. I have known her since the very beginning of her career. From the start, I have admired her, her beauty, and her style.”
The campaign isn't just personal because of Campbell's friendship with Nars, it's also because of the products she's representing. “When I first started it was hard to find colors that truly matched my skin tone,” she said in a Q&A with the brand. “I remember [François] made me my own foundation.”
NARS isn't the only beauty brand diversifying its offerings, a long overdue move; last year CoverGirl rolled out 40 new foundation shades, represented in ads by Insecure mastermind Issa Rae. "I remember being an awkward black girl in high school, reading the pages of my favorite magazines, casually flipping through @COVERGIRL ads, singing their slogan in my head," she wrote on Instagram at the time. "Never EVER in my life did I imagine I'd be one."
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kate moss
Hair Extensions can help wearing a voluminous look for days on end
Hair Extensions for a voluminous look
Hair extensions for body and length. The first step is to make sure the extensions you are using are completely color-matched to your natural hair color, ensuring that they blend in and look as natural as possible. Clip hair extensions in on angles a few inches away from your hair line, as opposed to straight across. You’ll also want to tease the hair before clipping them in so they don’t fall out and the clips are hidden.
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Alexander Wang Autumn Winter 2019 Ready-To-Wear Hair
Alexander Wang Autumn Winter 2019 Ready-To-Wear
Bunches Are Back But With A Whole New Attitude
You will have worn them once, but perhaps it's been some time since you considered bunches as a genuine hair option. Not since Mary-Kate Olsen reworked school-girl favourite plaits at the Met Gala has a childhood classic been more convincing of a revival, but Alexander Wang's AW19 show was all about the return of sectioned, bobbled hair.
Bunches might seem like a sweet and sensible option, but this NYC show championed them with a new anarchic attitude that was more punk than polite. Nothing cute here.
Models including Fran Summers, Tang He and Hanne Gaby Odiele strode in Wang's signature take on gritty, modern grunge with hair slicked tight in high-placed, poker-straight bunches.
Created by Vogue hairdresser Duffy, the look was reliant on several elements if you're wanting to try this one all for yourself. Plenty of lacquer - slicking gel will help at the start - a fine comb and tough bobbles that will hold the hair up high.
The one rule? Keep hair poker straight and slick with a hair oil from root to tip. If you're looking for that final touch to toughen up your Christmas party dress - we think you just found it.
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How Lion Babe's Jillian Hervey Learned to Love Her Curly Hair
How Lion Babe's Jillian Hervey Learned to Love Her Curly Hair
featuring hair extension considerations
If you have curly hair—which I do—every (hair) day can present something a little different. And that goes for the ever-changing relationship we have with our hair. Jillian Hervey of music duo Lion Babe gets that. From wanting '90s-era straightened ends to finally finding a rhythm with her natural curls, the new Pantene spokeswoman is still learning how to deal with her hair. Although she's a pro at making her hair look great both air-dried in everyday life and heat-styled on tour, she says some of her best tips are from asking strangers (with great-looking curls) on the street. Here's what she's learned so far.
Lipstick: Tell us about your relationship with your hair. Were you always comfortable with it growing up?
As a young girl I definitely struggled with knowing what to do with my hair
Jillian Hervey: As a young girl I definitely struggled with knowing what to do with my hair. I was just in a neighborhood that had mostly white people and the hair norm was long and sleek and straight. My hair naturally was curly, and I didn’t have that many references. I think I just wanted to fit in and go with the flow and be like, ‘Oh, I can do this,’ whatever they’re doing. I can throw my hair into a high ponytail, but slowly I learned—no, you have to do it a little bit differently because you’re hair is different. So yeah, I was definitely a little bit uncomfortable finding my rhythm with it. I wasn’t always super confident about my hair.
Lipstick: Any specific moments stand out?
‘Why don’t I have straight hair?’
JH: I remember asking my mom [actress Vanessa Williams] in second grade: ‘Why don’t I have straight hair?’ Definitely throughout elementary school and then once middle school, it got even more heightened. I think I was in seventh grade, and I had had my hair in braids for a month. I took them out and that day my hair was nappy and super natural and more curly than it probably had ever been. I told my mom, ‘I don’t even want to go to school. I can’t go to school like this. It just doesn’t look right.’ And she was like, ‘You have to go to school. Figure it out, it looks fine.’ And so I had my hair wrapped in a scarf and everything felt wrong. A bunch of my girlfriends at the time were like, ‘You should wear your hair natural and curly it looks so good.’ Having them around me, I felt good. But I was walking down the hallway by myself, and a couple people made some passing comments. They were calling me Macy Gray and all this stuff. At the time it was just so traumatizing. I ran into the bathroom and felt so cornered.
'That was around the time when I started to wear extensions in my hair'
I told myself, OK, I’m never doing this again. That was around the time when I started to wear extensions in my hair, and that was a whole other thing. I had the look finally, but other people were like, ‘Well how does that work?’ And to have to explain yourself was never fun; I never wanted to have to do that. I kept extensions in until I finished high school. Although once I got to college, that’s when it all started to shift. I think it was just growing up, and moving to New York where I saw so many different people, vibes, and looks, and everyone really owned it. That led me to feel more free, take more risks, and go back into my natural hair.
Lipstick: Did you look to anyone specific? Any hair icons?
Growing up my mom [venessa williams] had amazing hair
JH: Growing up my mom had amazing hair. It was healthy, but it was more straight. When I was younger I thought that straight hair was like the only thing. So I was trying to be like Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks. I didn’t know that people would add hair for more length. I’m like, ‘Oh all these people just have natural hair like this.’ I obviously grew up and figured out that everyone does something to their hair. I also loved Brandy and Lauryn Hill—they were rocking really unique hairstyles. I remember thinking, ‘If I lived in a different place I would love to do that.’ But it just didn’t feel right at the time.
But these days, I’m still very much like any other girl. I definitely check magazines to see what people are saying. And if I see someone who happens to be rocking great hair, I’ll ask her, ‘What do you use?’ Or if I'm on a shoot and something gets used or they do some trick, I'll ask, ‘How’d you do that?’ Definitely between me and my stylist, we’re always taking notes to make sure we know those little, ‘Oh, they did that, they didn’t do that.’ I definitely get a lot of inspiration by word of mouth and just looking around.
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Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell opens up about losing her hair and suffering bald patches
Naomi Campbell opens up about losing her hair and suffering bald patches
  Decades of hair extensions made their mark
  Naomi Campbell has explained how she dealt with hair loss after years of extensions, weaves and braids.
  Frequent usage of these styles is a contributing factor to a type of permanent hair loss known as central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia, which begins at the crown of the head. In the past, Campbell has been pictured with bald patches as a result of damage over years of working in fashion.
  "I do take more care of my hair now, because I lost all of it with extensions," she told the ES Magazine. "I am more careful and I do different things."
  Although the bald patches have grown back ("Thank God!"), she says she doesn't see black hair as a political issue.
  Read more at: Naomi Campbell opens up about losing her hair and suffering bald patches
Hair Extension Considerations
How to Maintain Flawless Hair Extensions
“The first thing you should do when considering getting extensions is that you should have a consultation with a professional hairstylist who specializes in extensions to determine the best match for your hair and desires. Bring in reference photos. You should have an idea of the style that you want and you can discuss with the stylist the best types of hair you would need,” says Amoy Pitters of Amoy Couture, a celebrity extension expert whose star clientele includes Joan Smalls, Naomi Campbell and Chanel Iman.
Read more at: How to Maintain Flawless Hair Extensions
Tips for Maintaining Your hair Extensions
Treat your hair extensions the way you would your real hair
Treat your hair extensions the way you would your real hair
Treat them the way you would your real hair. “Naturally textured virgin hair extensions should be treated and cared for the same way you’d treat your own natural hair. Regularly washing, moisturizing and detangling your textured hair extensions is key to extending the life of the hair,” advises Opara.
Dry your hair well. Hair that hasn’t been dried properly can lead to scalp issues, including fungal ones. So if you have thick hair, be sure to clip your hair in sections and dry your braided sections thoroughly.
Don’t neglect your real hair. “Hair that hasn’t been maintained under a weave may begin to suffer from breakage or matting when the extensions are removed,” warns Pitters.
Remove them in a timely fashion. Extensions will damage your hair if left in too long. Pitters recommends redoing interlock sew-ins every 6 weeks and the braided sew-in version every 8 to 10 weeks.
Avoid oils. If you have glue-on bonded extensions, oils will break down the extension glue. And that is something that you don’t want to happen until you are ready to remove your pieces.
Take a break now and then. Allow your natural hair and scalp to breathe from time to time. Relieve the stress placed on your hair and scalp by waiting a week or two after removal of your extensions before getting them replaced.
24 Times Claudia Schiffer Ruled The Catwalk
24 Times Claudia Schiffer Ruled The Catwalk
Hair extensions allow you to try a new ‘do with little commitment
One of the original supers – together with Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista – Claudia Schiffer has been one of fashion's most recognisable faces since 1987 when she was discovered at the age of 17 in a Düsseldorf nightclub. A self-described shy teenager, the German model came to life in front of the camera and in just two years landed a Guess campaign that propelled her to international stardom and caught the attention of none other than Karl Lagerfeld, who took her under his wing.
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Salmon promotes hair growth
One Pan Superfood Paleo Baked Salmon
Salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which is known to promote hair growth
Supplements That Will See You Through Party Seasons
shay mitchell
Shay Mitchell Hair Tutorial | Shay vs Shay
Shay Mitchell Hair Tutorial | Shay vs Shay
indira scott was chosen to close Dior's Fall 2018 Couture
Meet, Indira Scott, the Rising Model Making Statement Braids Her Signature at New York Fashion Week
Meet the Rising Model Making Statement Braids Her Signature at New York Fashion Week
When 21-year-old newcomer Indira Scott was chosen to close Dior's Fall 2018 Couture spectacle last July, she attributed her sudden success not to her swan-like grace or her chiseled cheekbones, but to the rows of round baubles that accented her waist-length box braids: "I had been wearing Japanese beads as a talisman that said all good things will come, so when they told me I was closing [the show] I felt like it was [because of] my beads," Scott remembers.
indira scott signature braids
Meet, Indira Scott, the Rising Model Making Statement Braids Her Signature at New York Fashion Week
Meet Indira Scott the Rising Model Making Statement Braids Her Signature at New York Fashion Week
Fast forward to the present day, and the Jamaica, Queens native, who was scouted while working at The Reformation, is now amplifying this season's runways, too, with her signature adorned spirals. “I love the noise it makes when I walk,” says Scott, who has already appeared at Matthew Adams Dolan, Dion Lee, Prabal Gurung, and Ralph Lauren where her long plaits—now embellished with chunky wooden beads—have been so striking that even New York Fashion Week's most in-demand hairstylists haven't change a thing.
"I don't like to stay with the same beads for too long because I get bored," says Scott, whose hair has previously been woven with cowrie shells, gold coils, and metallic thread. Needless to say, she goes to great lengths to find ornaments that speak to her, whether by scrolling through pages upon pages of Etsy or scavenging a top-secret Queens beauty supply shop where she looks "deep, deep, deep" for accents that she'll incorporate into her tails while watching television. Though it's all become second nature to her, "there is a lot that goes into taking care of braids,” she notes, calling out de-frizzing practices like wrapping her hair nightly in a silk scarf and sleeping on satin sheets, as well as products like The Mane Choice's control paste which leaves her with "shiny” edges, and a smoothing water-based gel followed by a spritz of hairspray. “People are always wondering how it looks so new when it’s not."
And while Scott otherwise keeps her beauty arsenal to a bare minimum, reaching only for coconut oil, which she uses as a cleanser, moisturizer, and highlighter, she is loyal to a few feel-good tools: "My bag is always really heavy because of crystals," she says of stones such as chrysocolla, tigers eye, emerald, and celestite that she selects every morning to carry with her throughout her day. Also in tow? A deck of tarot cards, which has come in hand during the week's lulls. "Sometimes I’ll pull out a card during a certain situation for clarity. I pulled the star for this week, which is really, really crazy because the star basically means everything is in grace and coming to you." A sure sign that we'll be seeing more of her on the Fashion Week runways ahead.
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Chris Appleton Gives 4 Elle Editors Ariana Grande High Ponytails
Chris Appleton Gives 4 Elle Editors Ariana Grande High Ponytails
Chris Appleton Gives 4 Elle Editors Ariana Grande High Ponytails
We're not saying Chris Appleton invented the snatched ponytail, but he certainly did tweak it, elevate it, and change the high-pony game forever. We’d even venture to say he perfected it.
Chances are you've seen Appleton's work on the likes of Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Lopez, and of course high-ponytail queen Ariana Davidson Grande. On this episode of No Filter, Appleton turns four ELLE editors into their own version of Ariana Grande. Thanks to a few bungee chord hair ties, Color Wow products, and extensions from Glam Seamless, four different hair textures get the snatched-pony treatment.
Appleton also gave us his top five tips and tricks for the perfect snatch. You'll have to watch the video above to see the rest of his pony secrets.
1. Follow your cheekbones up to wear the ponytail should sit on your head.
2. Bungee hook ponytails are your best friend!
3. A toothbrush with product can be used to tame flyaways.
4. Layer the extensions in your hair to make sure they don't show when the hair is lifted in the ponytail.
5. Wrap a small piece of hair to the finished ponytail for a professional finish.
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How to create The Messy Ponytail
How to create The Messy Ponytail
Synthetic Hair vs. Human Hair Extensions
The main difference between synthetic hair and virgin hair extensions (human hair that has been untreated and uncoated) is that synthetic hair is artificially manufactured hair, while virgin hair is natural human hair provided by donors. “Quality and authenticity is very important when purchasing virgin hair extensions. So, it’s important to make sure you purchase from a reputable brand or retailer that can provide quality assurance,” says Opara. “Another difference between the two is the price and quality; synthetic hair is available at lower price points, but it does not last nearly as long as virgin hair extensions,” continues Opara. Virgin hair can last up to a year with proper care and maintenance. Human hair extensions can also be heat styled and colored, while synthetic hair can not.
And be aware that some women are allergic to synthetic hair. So if you opt to go the synthetic route, ask your stylist to attach a test strand before you fully commit. If done correctly, weaves can look gorgeous and unbelievably real.
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how to master JLo's Hair Waves
How to master JLo's Hair Waves
how to master JLo's Hair Waves
"It wasn’t just Jennifer Lopez’s cleavage-baring Zuhair Murad gown that made heads turn at the 2015 Golden Globes on Sunday Jan 11 — it was her perfectly tousled waves that completed her ultra-glam look! Tracy Von Vechery, of IT Hair Care Products, called the 45-year-old’s look a “perfect 10.
“Mixing a retro ’60s vibe with a little bouffant lift on top, Jennifer channeled a modern, sexy look with long and glamorous cascading waves,” Von Vechery explained. “The exaggerated volume tresses added total pizzazz to her red carpet style. She rocked it!” Von Vechery explains how to get the same look at home, without a glam squad like the American Idol judge’s
Here's what you need:
- Clip-in hair extensions (same color or lighter than your own natural hair)
- Backcombing brush
- Sectioning comb
- Sectioning clip
- 2'' barrel curling iron
- IT Hair Care's Freeze IT Original Freeze Hairspray
- IT Hair Care's Abyssinian Oil

Step One:

Start with natural, air-dried hair.

Section off a 2-cm piece from the front of your hair to pull back over the hair extensions, secure with a sectioning clip. (Clip-in extensions are optional, but for big sexy volume a la J.Lo’s Golden Globes look, they are a definite must.) Affix the extensions onto the back of the head directly adjacent to the scalp. The higher you clip them the more volume you'll achieve, so for a sexy sky-high look, place them towards the crown of your head.

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Winnie Harlow on Makeup Artists and Hairstylists
Winnie Harlow Says Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Are Still Failing Black Models
Winnie Harlow Says Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Are Still Failing Black Models
Just the fact that Winnie Harlow is one of the more recognizable models working today is proof that the beauty and fashion industries have changed. Undeniably gorgeous, she proudly lets her vitiligo show; just a decade ago, the condition that leads to patches of depigmented skin might have altogether prevented agents and brands from seeing her the way they rightfully do now. However, as far as we've come, Harlow recently made it clear that beauty pros often still fall short when it comes to something that should have been grasped years ago: how to do black models' hair and makeup.
And be aware that some women are allergic to synthetic hair. So if you opt to go the synthetic route, ask your stylist to attach a test strand before you fully commit. If done correctly, weaves can look gorgeous and unbelievably real.
"When it comes to inclusiveness, [the modeling industry] still has a lot of work to do," Harlow says in an essay for Glamour. "For example, with hairdressers — just because you’ve worked on one black person’s hair doesn’t mean you know all black hair. If you’ve worked on Naomi Campbell, that’s not the same as working on kinky hair. There are so many people who are like, 'Yeah! I’ve worked on a black girl before. I know black hair.' And then they still reach for the tongs or use too high a heat."
It doesn't end with hair. Even though more and more beauty brands have expanded their foundation ranges to include more shades for darker skin, the message apparently hasn't made it behind the scenes at shoots. "With makeup artists, we need to have more people who know how to work with someone with a dark skin tone and not have it turn gray or ashy," Harlow says. "Even this past Fashion Week, I was backstage and put in front of a makeup artist and I looked at the range of tones she had — she didn’t even have colors dark enough for my skin. If you don’t even have shades dark enough for me, that’s saying a lot."
Harlow isn't the first person to speak out about hair and makeup artists being inexplicably behind the times when it comes to working with black models. Tyra Banks recently told W about how she almost lost her opportunity to be a Victoria's Secret model because of a hairstylist's incompetence. "I was sent home the first day because the hairdresser didn’t know what to do with my African-American hair," she said. And Duckie Thot revealed earlier this year that she still brings her own foundation to her shoots.
Hopefully, as more models make experiences like these known, it will mean fewer experiences like these in the future.
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Long-Term Hair Extension Options
How to Maintain Flawless Hair Extensions
Long-Term Hair Extension Options
Long-Term Bonded Extensions
Extensions are fused by a hairstylist to a few strands of your natural hair with a heat-activated, keratin-based polymer. This option allows for greater versatility and movement, but can be very damaging if removed improperly.
Sew-In Extensions
Interlock Version: The hair weft is sewn down directly on top of your hair. Pitters utilizes this method for very fine or stick straight hair that can not support a braid. .
Braided Version: Pitters employs this method on clients with thicker manes or textured tresses. Hairpieces are sewn onto cornrowed tracks
Tape-In Extensions
Small hair wefts are taped to your roots. This type of extension is great for fine, blond hair because the point of attachment is barely visible.
Read more at: How to Maintain Flawless Hair Extensions
try a new ‘do with little commitment
Try a new ‘do with little commitment
Hair extensions allow you to try a new ‘do with little commitment
Hair extensions are a great hair accessory. They allow you to try a new ‘do with little commitment. You can go from long to short or short to long and back again. You can experiment with colors or textures different from your own. Or you can use them to add volume to beef up a skimpy mane.
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