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Shay Mitchell Calls Her Gray Hairs ‘Wisdom Hairs,’
Shay Mitchell Calls Her Gray Hairs ‘Wisdom Hairs,’  
While Shay Mitchell may have some of the most enviable hair in Hollywood, she’s not too proud to admit that at 29-years-old, she’s also spotted a few grays here and there. And she’s not freaking out about them.
“I call them wisdom hairs — more wisdom, great!” says the actress, who’s also the face of Smashbox’s The Cover Shot: Eye Palettes tells PeopleStyle during an interview featured in this week’s issue, now on newsstands. “I’ve definitely found a gray hair, probably like five of them.”  
However, Mitchell, who turns 30 this April, looks at aging in a positive light. “I am getting older,” she tells PeopleStyle. “I am happy. You know what that means? I have more experiences. You can’t freak out about [gray hairs]. Plus if you don’t like it, then dye your hair — no problem.”  
Mitchell’s no-stress approach to getting older means just plucking out those pesky gray hairs, laughing it off and moving on. “Yeah, I definitely take them out,” she adds. “Put a collage [of them] next to my bed — no, I am kidding! I don’t do that, but yeah, I take them out.”  
So what’s the star’s beloved product that she constantly keeps in her beauty cabinet for a good hair treatment? Coconut oil. “That’s the secret to me, it’s super crucial,” Mitchell said. “My mom was raised in the Philippines and that was her secret for beautiful hair, beautiful skin, that natural glow. So I like to use that in my hair and it really does work.”  
Her favorite oil, from the organic brand Kapuluan, gives back by planting a coconut palm in the Philippines for every purchase that’s made. And it’s Mitchell’s go-to for her weekly hair care routine. “On a Sunday I would use it and rinse it through,” she says. “But if I am ever out in the sun or if I am going swimming, I will put it in my hair, too.”  
Overall, she’s just trying to keep her beauty outlook positive: “My beauty philosophy is to have fun and not take it too seriously,” she says.  
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